Spigen Air Skin Samsung SM-G960 Galaxy S9 - black (original)

PID: 592CS22867

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ID 50317
PID 592CS22867
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Original case Spigen Air Skin Samsung SM-G960 Galaxy S9 - color black


AirSkin™, the thinnest among Spigen cases, was crafted with the true minimalist in mind. It measures only 0.36mm in thickness and the secret to its extremely thin and lightweight design is its polypropylene build. AirSkin™ comes with a fingerprint-resistant frost finish and comfortable grip. Keep the feel of the original Samsung Galaxy S9 adding a minimalist layer of protection, with the AirSkin™!

  • Measures only 0.36mm in thickness
  • Polypropylene shell keeps application/removal easy
  • Finger-print resistant frost finish and comfortable grip
  • AirSkin™ provides all around precision coverage