Second glass UV Liquid Tempered (Nano optics) HEDO Huawei Mate 20 Pro (original)


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Original second glass UV Liquid Tempered (Nano optics) HEDO Huawei Mate 20 Pro

LIQUID UV technology - it is a glass mounted using UV glue, which hardens under UV rays, in a similar technology a display is mounted together with a digitizer - touch (external glass part of the phone). The glass is stronger, it conducts a better touch, does not leave bubbles, does not burn and does not peel off.

The product was made of specially processed tempered glass. This specially reinforced glass was created to provide the best protection for the screen of your mobile device against severe scratches and damage.

It is many times stronger than ordinary PET film (polycarbonate foil), which means that even sharp objects such as a knife or keys are not able to scratch the protected screen. The glass also protects the display against most impacts due to falling or other random events.



  • Tempered glass 0.33 mm
  • USB UV lamp (no cable included)
  • Liquid (glass glue)
  • 2 cloths (dry + wet)
  • Stickers for positioning and removing dust.