Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P20 - black (original)

PID: L21CS23080

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ID 50315
PID L21CS23080
EAN 8809565307355
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Original Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P20 - black

The Rugged Armor has many fans because it packs the ideal amount of style and functionality in a single-layer protective case. Its signature look consists of a timeless matte black surface with carbon fiber details. The featured Air Cushion® Technology ensures shock absorption, while the strategically raised edges protect the screen and camera. Precise cutouts allow easy access to features and functions. Encase the new Huawei P20 in the Rugged Armor™ for an unrivaled look and protection.

  • Signature matte black look with carbon fiber and gloss details
  • Lightweight one-layer case that is pocket-friendly and easy to put on
  • Raised edges for added screen and camera protection
  • Precise cutouts and tactile buttons ensure quick access and feedback
  • Mil-Grade Protection with Air Cushion® Technology in all corners