Phone Blaupunkt SM 02

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The brand name Blaupunkt equates to reliable German quality, sophisticated European style and an excellent price-value ratio in the case of mobile phones as well.

A lovely smartphone at an affordable price



The SM 02 is the first mobile phone of Blaupunkt that has received an 18:9 screen ratio. The speciality of the SM 02 is that this is an entry level mobile phone with an excellent value for money, however, this is equipped with a screen which is typical for premium mobile phones.


The display of the SM 02 provides an even better user experience, than the avarage traditional 5” screens of smartphones. The 4,95”, 18:9 aspect ratio FWVGA display of the device gives the ideal format for visual contents, such as for reading online newspapers, watching videos or for playing games.

The SM 02, thanks to its innovative display design, has a compact screen, and small device housing at the same time. The phone is characterized by a clean, moderately elegant design, which is appropriate for a wide range of users. The basic package of the device includes the screen protector and the transparent silicone case, which protect the phone from small knocks, therefore it enhances the long-term consumer satisfaction. The SM 02 can be ordered in classic black, golden colours.


The device is provided with the innovative Android 8.1, which has a files-go function making peer-to-peer communication available without using mobile internet. Thanks to this, through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, videos, documents, apps, pictures can be shared with other devices that use Android GO apps, for example, with another SM 02 mobile phone.