Foil protection SPIGEN Curved Crystal Samsung Galaxy SM-G925 S6 Edge (original)

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PID SGP11537
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Original foil protection  SPIGEN Curved Crystal Samsung Galaxy SM-G925 S6 Edge


Double edged protection for the Galaxy S6 edge screen is what the Spigen Curved Crystal Steinheil protector is made for. In true innovative nature, the protective film is developed with precise curvatures to mimic the device’s screen for full coverage from edge to edge. With its exact cut-outs and clarity, the Curved Crystal delivers the original touchscreen experience while actively protecting your display in unhindered transparency.



  • 1 Front Screen Protector & 1 Back Protector
  • Curved edges for exact fit and full coverage of screen
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Dry Application: easy to install and remove