Ninebot scooter by Segway KickScooter ES2 - black

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Ninebot scooter by Segway KickScooter ES2 - black


Scooters are becoming an increasingly stronger alternative to bicycles, the more so that their development and equipment from year to year is expanding with further technological solutions and facilities. They are a great way to travel efficiently and ecologically in an urban environment. The Segway Ninebot ES2 is an example of such a technically refined mode of transport. At a speed of up to 25 km per hour, it is able to provide the user with a sense of security and control, thanks to built-in shock absorbers or electric brakes. Also, the wide eight-inch wheels and cruise control make the journey Travel comfort: The scooter is made of lightweight aluminum alloys and easily folds, making it easy to store or transport. Thanks to the large tires and the above-mentioned front wheel suspension, the ride will be smooth and comfortable.


Economical and environmentally friendly.

Segway Ninebot ES2 due to its battery performance, ease of use and ecological work environment, can be used for short recreational trips, commuting or shopping. It has a modern power supply system that maximizes the use of energy resources. Thanks to this, it not only protects the environment, but also has a fairly large range on one battery. This model also has a number of facilities for users - a battery level indicator, temperature indicator or diagnostic analysis that is available from the smartphone application.


It has a high-power 300 W motor. It allows it to accelerate to a maximum speed of 25 km / h, thus ensuring fast and easy movement. The LED display, which is equipped with, provides information on travel speed, Bluetooth connection, power mode and current battery status.

Application dedicated to Ninebot by Segway.

  • From the application level we have access to many other, more or less advanced options:
  • Vehicle security with anti-theft function.
  • Speed, cruise control and lighting settings.
  • Device status, analysis of individual components.
  • See your statistics.
  • Update the software
  • User manual and help.
  • And even find your friends and connect with them.