Smart band OLED Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - black

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Smart band OLED Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - black

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a lot of useful features and a high-quality OLED display with a screen size of 0.78 "When your Android phone is near the Mi Band 3, the phone will unlock automatically.Thanks to the band Mi Band 3 you get a notification about messages, incoming calls and notifications from the application The device is equipped with a high-density lithium-polymer battery that can withstand up to 20 days of work on a single charge Mi Band 3 can display the name or number of the caller, and if you do not want to answer the call , you can simply reject the call by pressing the Home button for a long time, you can take a shower, wash the dishes or just enjoy swimming with the water resistance, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a function to remind you to stand up. your pen, the device gently vibrates, p to remind you to get up and come for a moment so that your health is not compromised.


Technical data:

- Compatibility: Android iOS

- Screen size: 0.78 "

- Screen resolution: 128x80px

- Water resistance: up to 50m

- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2

- Battery capacity: 110mAh

- Input current: 250 mA (max)

- Input voltage: DC 5.0V

- Adjustable length of the band: 155-216mm


30 functions in one band, including:

- Heart rate sensor,

- Sleep sensor,

- Message preview,

- Preview and reject connections,

- Measuring the steps traveled,

- Current time,

- Measurement of calories burned,

- Gyroscope,

- Weather forecast,

- Alarm and notifications from the calendar,

- Vibration,

- Event alerts,

- Receiving email notifications, Messenger, Snapchat and many more