Smart band Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - black

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Smart band Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - black

The band has finally been equipped with a 0.95-inch OLED color display, which looks much better than the matrix used in the predecessor. In addition, on board we will find a larger 135 mAh battery, support for six sport modes and the possibility of wider control of the smartphone (eg switching music), and all this hidden under a waterproof case up to 5 ATM


1. alarm (must be set in the application | Snooze mode: 10 minutes). Up to 10 alarms. Up to 50 event reminders.
2. alipay
3. camera, DND mode
4. music control
5. color screen: resolution: 240 x 120 pixels
6. MI AI Speaker
7. Six activities (cycling, free training, running, swimming, running track, walk).