Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse Wireless Mouse - Silver

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Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse Wireless Mouse - Silver


The Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse supports connectivity via Bluetooth and at the same time via a 2.4G wireless adapter. You can connect to two computers and easily switch between connections by pressing only the lower button. Mi Portable Mouse uses a high-quality 3610 laser sensor with a range of 95%. Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse has a Bluetooth Nordic 51822 chip, thanks to which the battery consumption is lower and it ensures faster transmission. In addition to the usual pad, the Xiaomi mouse does very well on the desk, frosted glass, paper and other surfaces


Product features:

  • Extremely light mouse, weighs only 77.5g including batteries
  • Range up to 95% more accurate
  • Housing made of anodized aluminum
  • Scratch resistant and anti-fingerprint
  • Ability to work between two computers


Technical data:

  • Connectivity: bluetooth 4.0, 2.4G wireless USB adapter
  • Sensor: laser
  • Range: up to 10 m
  • Material: ABS, anodized aluminum alloy
  • Power supply: AAAx2 battery
  • Compatibility: Windows 8 and above, Mac OS X 10.10 and above